Switchback Barrel Aged Blackstrap Ale 2018

Mekano by Revò

Switchback Barrel Aged Blackstrap Ale 2018: complexity as a unique selling point

The Switchback Brewing Company was founded in Burlington, Vermont back in 2002.

The brainchild of master brewer Bill Cherry and his long-time friend Jeff Neiblum, it is rooted in a brand-new concept and vision: focussing resources exclusively on creating and making the finest-quality beer possible.

Hence the idea of creating a Barrel-Aged Blackstrap Ale: a beer with a big smoked malt backbone meets caramel and fig nuances, blending with the strong character imparted by the oak barrels. Hence its name, as this beer is left to age in the barrels for four months.

To maximize complexity and flavour, all the beers they produce are left unfiltered and are naturally carbonated by the yeast during the fermentation process.

This beer’s outstanding bouquet is preserved in various ways, one of which is its Mekano by Revò closure.

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