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angle-left Benvenuta Revò: la nuova business unit del Gruppo Tapì che rivoluziona il packaging dedicato al mondo della birra.
25 marzo 2017


25 May 2017. Tapì's research does not stop at high-tech, aesthetic closures: from today, the beer sector will also have its own dedicated business unit, realising the Group’s desire to focus on an evolving, export-driven market and the new openings provided by the new international business phenomenon and popular trend that is craft and pub breweries.

Revò is the name we have chosen for this new business unit; a name that underlines the cutting-edge nature of the projects and of the product lines we have developed: in that, it is just like Mekano, the range we designed to preserve quality beers, combining materials research with an eye-catching design and maximum product customization.

«Revò is a revolution in bottle closures, a sector which has remained basically unchanged for years. Here at Tapì we have optimized the design, simplifying it as far as possible, using special cutting-edge, fully recyclable materials that can be used during pasteurisation and hot filling, and that ensure perfect sealability», says Maurizio Giofrè, Commercial Director of the new business unit.

«The name Revò expresses a high propensity to innovation, in a quest for top technical performance and modern technology. But at the same time, it also has a rather vintage flavour: our past, our tradition seen through a new lens – reinterpreted through the eyes of Tapì» added Giofrè.

Revò’s mission is very clear, aiming to help a company that is overflowing with experience, creativity and passion for bar-top closures, built up over the years in the wine and spirits sector, expand into the international beer market.


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