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angle-left Starlight by Tapì: a closure with stand-out character
11 gennaio 2019

Starlight by Tapì: a closure with stand-out character

Starlight is the result of a creative concept, based on a colourfully futuristic design, aiming to get each and every bottle to shine. Expressive nuances of great character emerge through the transparencies, the innovations improving not only its aesthetics but also its functionality.

The ultrasonic welding technique used to make Starlight is highly technological, as it uses no adhesives or glue but assembles the individual components safely, thus preventing it from accidentally breaking or coming apart during use.

Tapì’s Starlight closure is not just beautiful and functional – every single component can be customized and assembled in different combinations.

Transparent colours, metallic effects, warm or cold tones, lettering and logo printing: all the components can be adapted for multiple needs, for an authentic and totally exclusive result.


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