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angle-left Abor: from the source of origin
21 December 2018

Abor: from the source of origin


From Tapì Group’s continuous search for innovative designs and processes comes the ABOR project: the new range of eco-sustainable closures, made from distillation residues from Tapi client production processes.

Nature and technology combine in customized and – at the same time – functional solutions, obtained from the reuse and creative recycling of marc, barley malt, sugar cane, maize, rye, agave, juniper and other natural materials. At the end of its useful life, this is combined with other materials to create intrinsically ecological, but at the same time functional closures, suitable for closing any spirit in a hermetic and completely inert fashion.

ABOR (from the Latin “ab origine”, i.e. “from the very beginning”, “from the source or origin”) is a return to the material origins of the distillate and to its connection with the products of the soil from which it derives. A range which expresses everything about the product and its history, bringing out the best in the raw material, in its naturalness, which thus becomes part and parcel of the packaging.


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