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Research & Development

At the heart of every single Tapì product lie our ideas. Giving shape and substance to those ideas and turning them into a product is the task of the R&D department, a fundamental asset on which about a third of Group annual turnover is invested. And in order to find the right solutions for every customer, we need to continuously innovate both our systems and ourselves. That, in a nutshell, is the R&D department – Tapi’s “brain” and “heart” at one and the same time.

Research laboratories

In order to innovate on a continuous basis and keep pace with the dynamic packaging landscape, we need to keep looking for new solutions, new processes, new materials. Research laboratories are housed in each of our manufacturing plants and are coordinated by Tapì R&D. Their main tasks include selecting raw materials, staff training and development, as well as further improving quality controls.

Design & testing

Within the R&D department, the design process is entrusted to the technical division, which specializes in making products tailored to the customer’s needs. Each closure is first virtually designed and then physically tested, ensuring the safety and performance of each product before it is put into production. This is a key step in achieving the highest level of quality and innovation.

3D printer

The quintessential expression of Tapì’s state-of-the-art technology is our latest-generation 3D printer, which enables us to rapidly make realistic product prototypes on the basis of models and virtual projects. The customer’s ideas thus first take shape as a prototype, enabling the developers to work with a concrete vision of the details and components of the final product.